Simple Sale

How it works?

1. We send a local expert to your house

They’re a licensed top real estate agent in your area so they know your market better than anyone.

2. They tour your property and snap some pictures

Our local expert will take a quick look at each room and be in and out in no time. No need to tidy up, we’ll buy your house as-is.

3. We write you a competitive cash offer

We use the expert’s evaluation and our powerful pricing model to assess whether your home is eligible for our program and determine the best price to offer you. You’ll get an offer from us within a week.

4. You accept and receive cash for your home!

You control the timeline and move when you’re ready. Your house is sold and cash is in your hand, often in as little as 10

Why Us

All said, the Oldhams together make the Oldham group what it is, a loving, fun filled environment with a team dedicated to providing excellent service and expertise on every real estate transaction. But above all, they are a team of kind, generous people who sincerely want to help.​​​​​​​