Buy Before You Sell

Dynamic markets call for dynamic programs. That's exactly what we bring to the table to give you the competitive advantage in a purchase or relocation!

How it works?


1. Get a Guaranteed Offer Price 

You’ll get a guaranteed offer price for your home, so you can move forward with confidence. If your home hasn’t sold within 90 days after the closing on your new home, our partner will step in and purchase it for the guaranteed offer price. Now you can secure a loan for your new home without any home sale contingency because you’ll have a guaranteed offer from our partner.


2. Make a strong offer on your new home 

When you’ve found the home of your dreams, you’ll be ready to make an offer with no home sale contingency. This means you’re more likely to close and can do so on your own timeline. Want to tap into the equity you have in your current home? Our partner can provide a downpayment loan on your new home.


3. Move in on your schedule  

Once your offer is accepted, everything comes together in days, not months. You can move into your new home immediately upon closing. Worried about covering two mortgages? Our partner can advance funds to cover the mortgage payments on your old home until it sells at no added cost.  


4. Get full market value when you sell your home 

We will list your prior home within 10 days of closing on your new home. If the home doesn’t go under contract within 90 days after the closing on your new home, our partner will purchase your home for the guaranteed offer price. We then work with our partner to re-list the home. If your home sells for more than the guaranteed offer price, you’ll receive the additional cash after program fees and costs.