What’s Happening This Week: January 20, 2021

What’s Happening This Week: January 20, 2021

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  • 01/21/21

San Francisco Bay Area

Presidio’s new path

As if that part of San Francisco wasn’t beautiful enough… One of the city’s most picturesque areas gets another reason to visit, as the restored Quartermaster Reach Marsh opens in the Presidio near Crissy Field. A brand-new trail cuts through seven acres of restored wetlands with the Golden Gate Bridge as an Instagram-worthy backdrop.

Two people cycling in the Presidio near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco | iStock

Outdoor fitness options

Just because gyms are shut down, doesn’t mean you can’t sweat it out. Check out his handy list of outdoor workouts happening in San Francisco and around the Bay Area. So, put down that remote and dig out those old biking shorts.

Young woman practicing yoga outdoor on the beach in morning

Starry nights

The night sky always has plenty of celestial wonders for those willing to look closely. Fortunately in the hilly Bay Area there are myriad great spots to check out the stars—and the twinkling city lights below as well. Here’s a roundup of 14 top stargazing destinations.


Feast for the eyes

They say you also eat with your eyes. If that’s the case, these meals will taste twice as good. Eater SF put together a drool-inducing compilation of San Francisco’s most beautiful takeout restaurants in 2020—a year when just about every single eatery pivoted to takeout. The pastry-wrapped patés from Maison Nico alone will get your stomach rumbling.

Farmhouse Thai Kitchen on Instagram

Los Angeles Greater Area

SoCal theaters kick off a brilliant 2021

Far from hampering creativity, pandemic restrictions have sparked unbounded imagination for Southland theaters. From the Center Theater Group and LA Opera to Hollywood Fringe and Boston Court Pasadena, a galaxy of stars and innovations are coming together for the most exciting season in years.

Pasadena Playhouse | iStock

LA’s best new cookbooks

There’s nothing like house arrest to enhance the allure of a home-cooked meal. Maybe that’s what made 2020 the Year of the Great LA Cookbook. Everybody from Nancy Silverton to Danny Trejo weighed in, eager to share recipes and helpful tips. Sure, it’s what they do — but now it’s about what we can, too.

Courtesy Harper Design/Max Milla

Dinosaur invasion

Don’t look now, but as you quietly spoon your cornflakes, over 70 dinosaurs are roaming the Rose Bowl parking lots. They’re all part of the Jurassic Quest Drive Thru, from cute babysaurs to the terribly un-cute T-Rex. Miss the Pasadena invasion ends at the end of the month, but the herd is lumbering over to Pomona next.

Courtesy Jurassic Quest Drive Thru

Sundance, virtual style

A trip to Utah isn’t happening this year, but the Sundance experience is definitely on. From January 28 to February 3, Sundance Film Festival 2021 will screen all 70+ movies and their Q&As online. It’s also partnering with arthouse cinemas and film organizations across the country for a series of locally-focused talks. Even the Utah Festival Village will welcome virtual visitors.

Courtesy Sundance

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