Napa County real estate market accelerates

Napa County real estate market accelerates

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  • 03/11/21

Napa County’s real estate market is off to a heated start in 2021

February 2021 Report

Our January report focused mostly on 2020’s annual statistics. This report will put most of its attention on quarterly and monthly indicators, which better illustrate changes occurring as 2020 progressed: pre-pandemic to initial pandemic crash through the subsequent market recovery. Napa County, of course, was also impacted by the terrible fires in late summer, and especially in early autumn as the 4th quarter was beginning. 

The 2021 market started off very strong: The number of listings going into contract in January was almost 50 percent higher than in January 2020. As is the norm, the number of new listings coming on market started to climb from its typical annual low point in December – and new listing activity was also up year-over-year in January.

We are using the photo above as a fond remembrance of pre-pandemic days, with the hope of their earliest possible return. 

The full market report with detailed graphs is available here, courtesy of Patrick Carlisle.


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