Meet Yosif Sharrak

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Meet Yosif

Realtor | High-Tech Relocation Specialist

When buying a home, finding the right agent to represent you is just as important as finding the right home. Coming from a Software Engineering background, Yosif proudly nerds out on all aspects of the real estate world. He prides himself in being honest, kind, and being very detail oriented and he truly encompasses everything you look for when looking for professional representation in your home buying or selling experience.

With the Oldham Group, Yosif and his wife Caitlin partnered with a team of extraordinary agents with over 30 years of experience serving all areas of the Silicon Valley. Known for their kindness, professionalism, and expertise, the Oldham Group members are trusted top agents in their community dedicated to bringing unparalleled service.


Why Us

All said, the Oldhams together make the Oldham group what it is, a loving, fun filled environment with a team dedicated to providing excellent service and expertise on every real estate transaction. But above all, they are a team of kind, generous people who sincerely want to help.