Meet Brandon Stovall

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Meet Brandon

Realtor | Silicon Valley Specialist

Brandon is an expert in Bay Area real estate, and

can help his clients land a home wherever they

want; whether in the foothills with the deer, or the

tree lined streets of Palo Alto. He’s a huge sports

fan, and loves hiking, playing basketball, and

making videos. He even vlogs about all the best

things to do, eat and see in the Bay Area.

Genuinely friendly and hardworking, Brandon is

always adapting and in tune with current market

trends, so he can give his clients the best service

possible. He truly is a great resource to anyone

looking to buy or sell in the Bay Area.


Why Us

All said, the Oldhams together make the Oldham group what it is, a loving, fun filled environment with a team dedicated to providing excellent service and expertise on every real estate transaction. But above all, they are a team of kind, generous people who sincerely want to help.